Portuguese artist and Jeweller Hugo Madureira, based in London since 2012, is a jewellery maker with a distinctive creative vision. His style reflects his interest in crossing disciplinary borders. His work is informed by a passion for collecting, design and diverse art forms which in turn are influenced by his love of language and travel.

The year 2019 marks a turning point in Hugo's career. Having honed his skills in the art and jewellery sector in London for the last seven years now is a propitious time for Hugo to launch his unique art and jewellery brand, Hugo Madureira.
Initially, the primary focus of the business will be jewellery design and making.
Hugo's jewellery will be recognisable for its excellence in design and craftsmanship. The business will be conducted ethically with materials sourced from ethical suppliers, including those that offer recycled stones. And Hugo will produce art and jewellery which is avant-garde. It will respect classic and modern techniques in equal measure providing creative items that juxtapose contemporary fashion with timeless elegance.